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Sarah Palin Just Fell And Hit Her Head, Then Attacked HILLARY In An Incoherent Rant

Sarah Palin Just Fell And Hit Her Head, Then Attacked HILLARY In An Incoherent Rant

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Tea Party matriarch Sarah Palin had a little accident this weekend. Palin, 52, was out running when she tripped and hit her head on a rock. The blow to the head apparently hasn’t done much for her already questionable mental faculties, for the disgraced vice presidential nominee then took to social media to somehow twist her clumsiness into an attack on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with one of her trademark rants.

Palin appears to be using her own injury as a platform from which to repeat the absurd right-wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton is somehow physically or mentally unfit to be President. The alt-right delights in taking the language of social justice and turning it into a vehicle for their own prejudices, which Palin clumsily attempts to do here by proposing the idea that liberals are delegitimizing the right’s baseless conspiracy theories about Clinton on the grounds of sexism by comparing them to the legitimate concerns the public had over the health of 71-year old Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) (who had a noted history of cancer and would have been the oldest elected President in US history) in the 2008 election.

Then Palin loses all coherency in describing her own injury and then accuses the media of sheltering Hillary Clinton from…what, exactly, is unclear. She then throws in what appears to be some misogynist stereotypes but considering that’s the kind of lifestyle that religious extremist Palin deems appropriate for women, their relevancy to this rant is, again, unclear. Is she insinuating that women are unfit to be President? Is she accusing Clinton of hiding behind her femininity? What is going on here?


Palin should clearly be evaluated for a concussion.

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