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Can You Spot The Nazi Tattoo On This Philly Cop?

Can You Spot The Nazi Tattoo On This Philly Cop?

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A viral photo of a Philadelphia police officer with a Nazi eagle tattooed to his arm has been causing a stir on social media networks. Now, you might say, many cultures have used eagle imagery in their hearldic icons, but only Nazi Germany used a right-facing eagle – and nobody else has used that design since then, for obvious reasons.


Throw in the fact that this guy has “Fatherland” tattooed about it and an American flag with an assault rifle on the other hand, and you have the picture of a man who is trying extremely hard to prove to the world that he harbors beliefs that should disqualify him from being a police officer.

Of course, since the reign of Mayor Frank Rizzo, it’s almost impossible to fire a Philadelphia cop, thanks to a strict arbitration contract. But one has to seriously question what kind of message does this send to the citizens of Philadelphia? That this man fetishes weapons and fascist iconography so much to have them permanently inscribed upon his flesh? Shame on him, and shame on the Philadelphia PD for having such atrocious standards of professionalism that they allow this man to show off hateful imagery while ostensibly protecting the people.


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