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Trump Hypocrisy: Washington Post Proves That Melania Worked Illegally

Trump Hypocrisy: Washington Post Proves That Melania Worked Illegally

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It’s been weeks, and Melania Trump’s promised press conference to dispel all doubt about her legal (or possibly illegal) immigration status has not happened, been announced, nor even mentioned by the Republican Party’s candidate for President. After reports emerged which showed the Slovenian model married some other unknown man in 2001 for her papers, according to Trump’s former lawyer, the public demanded answers. As the Washington Post reports, it’s illegal to commit fraud to obtain a green card, and the issue is never, ever a closed matter in the eyes of the law:

“The bottom line is, if you have procured or attempted to procure an immigration through fraud or misrepresentation, you are inadmissible to the United States, and you need to be admissible to the United States to get a green card,” said David Leopold, an immigration attorney from Cleveland and former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Fraud “always is part of your immigration portfolio,” he added, saying it “sticks to you” — meaning that leaving and reentering properly wouldn’t absolve previous missteps. Nor would being married to a citizen.

“If there were material misrepresentations or fraudulent representations regarding her work or her intent to work if she came in on a visitor’s visa, that would implicate the validity of her green card,” Leopold said. “And that would then affect her citizenship, because when you apply for citizenship, one of the questions they ask you is if have you ever sought to obtain immigration benefits from fraud. If you don’t ‘fess up and answer ‘yes’ if you’ve done that, now you have bad moral character and you’re ineligible for citizenship.” In the worst case, this could lead to denaturalization — loss of citizenship.

Melania Trump’s tangled web of statements about her purported path to legal immigration remains murky, while her husband uses the Republican presidential nomination to peddle hate and just announced a-get- tough-on-immigration plan, whose main real world component was simply to enforce the actual laws in America which already demand that our government deport immigrants who violate the law. Earlier this summer, the New York Post abandoned news for soft-core porn, by publishing a series of numerous nude photos of Melania Trump, which ironically revealed that she entered America in 1995 and worked a full year earlier than she’d told other news outlets.

The implications were that Donald Trump’s own policies would result in his wife’s deportation, but the more serious issue facing the Trumps is that under present immigration law, Melania could very likely be deported, today.

So why isn’t she hurrying to clear her name in the court of public opinion while she (effectively) seeks the position of First Lady of the United States alongside her racist husband Donald Trump?

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