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Outrage: NJ Republican Threatens Daily Beast Reporter With Rape

Outrage: NJ Republican Threatens Daily Beast Reporter With Rape

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If you needed any more evidence of how a seething mass of toxic misogyny, racism, Islamophobia and every other prejudice out there has become the animus of the Trumpian Republican Party these days, look no further than New Jersey GOP candidate Mike Krawitz.

Krawitz began to channel his inner alt-right when talented Daily Beast writer Olivia Nuzzi posted an innocuous tweet about Marla Maples and Donald Trump.

In classic behavior that will be familiar to anyone who spends ten minutes online, this – we’d like to remind you – political candidate – then attacked Nuzzi in a sadly predictable and utterly horrendous fashion.

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This is the quality of men that the Republican Party thinks are acceptable candidates for political office, even one as minor as a town committee. The casualness with which he calls for sexual violence against Ms. Nuzzi, the insistence with which he promotes absurd conspiracy theories, the lack of relevancy of any of the statements to each other or to reality, the gratuitous Islamophobia are all the hallmarks of the Trump Man, as Krawitz’s personal facebook page clearly shows he is. The Trump Man deals in ignorance and worships violence, exists in a fantasy of his own creation, entirely unrestricted by the petty demands of truth or basic civility.

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The loudest Trump supporters are barbarians at their most primitive, the antithesis of five thousand years of human civilization. So insecure in their fragile egos and the victim of financial forces too complex for their uneducated brains to comprehend, they lash out at the things they can recognize and fear – the independent woman, the refugee, the immigrant, the liberal.

The biggest danger, however, is allowing this kind of behavior to become normalized. Only three in a hundred rapists in America will ever see justice; the vast majority of sexual assaults go unreported out of fear that nothing will be done. It is no joking matter; even the idle tweet must be taken seriously and responded to with appropriate diligence.

Every rape threat, no matter how minor, that goes without acknowledgement of the heinous crime it represents is another win for rape culture in the United States. Our perpetuation of a culture of daily harassment and violence against half of our population is an unforgivable injustice and is a shame that should weigh heavily on the hearts of every American.

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