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Watch: Florida Man Publicly Curses Out Gov. Rick Scott

Watch: Florida Man Publicly Curses Out Gov. Rick Scott

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One brave Florida man just spoke for many disgruntled residents about state’s lack of response to the Zika virus when he cursed out Gov. Rick Scott on the streets of Miami. Florida man drove his red car past the kosher bakery where a crush of media was asking Scott questions about zika, stopped, made a popular obscene hand gesture and loudly gave the governor some public comment:

“Motherf*cker, go on, get away from here. You SCUMBAG. F*ck You!”

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott isn’t winning many friends with his abysmal crisis management skills fighting the mosquito-borne zika virus, which has now been detected in multiple parts of the state. In fact, the entire state of Florida is reporting mosquito-borne infections, leading the Miami Herald to create this zika tracker showing the scope of the public health problem.

Gov. Scott is also the head of a Pro-Trump Super PAC which CNN says has hit the skids since his co-chair Paul Manafort was forced out of the Republican campaign over allegations of undisclosed foreign payments in pro-Putin Ukrainian politics. Of course a nearby activist had other ideas, namely yelling, “Stop polluting our water!” at Florida’s first Governor convicted of a corporate felony before taking office about his gut job for environmental oversight that resulted in slimy, green beaches on both sides of the state. Meanwhile, Scott’s home state of Florida faces a hurricane that just hit the capitol city and the statewide tropical infection for which a Republican House refused to provide any prevention or treatment funding.

It’s no wonder that last year, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow asked if Rick Scott is the worst governor in the history of Florida, but that was because last year he admitted guilt in a whole range of Sunshine Law open meetings violations to fire the state’s independent fraud investigator, and using personal email for government business and hiding that, which broke open records laws. It was in that context last year that I recorded a ten second interview with Florida Governor Scott, asking him if he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate criminal wrongdoing for his Sunshine Law violations in his cabinet and his own dealings.

Scott told me, “I’ve gotta go.”

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It’s the only thing that Governor Scott and I have agreed upon, and even Florida man with his angry curse words and his red car too, would agree.

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Photo Credit: Billy Corben

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