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Reince Preibus Just Attacked Hillary, And Her Response Is EPIC

Reince Preibus Just Attacked Hillary, And Her Response Is EPIC

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After last night’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was the target of a blatantly sexist and appallingly disrespectful attack by the Republican National Committee Chairman and spineless coward Rience Preibus.

There was absolutely no need to smile. This was a very serious occasion, in which the candidates were discussing foreign policy and their rationale for making the decisions upon which men live or die; debating how to properly prosecute the war against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), and how to properly care for our veterans. 

Telling a woman to smile is such a stereotypical response from an insufferably smug misogynist that it’s honestly kind of laughable if it weren’t so representative of the disdain and disrespect that conservatives treat our former Secretary of State. Prebius, devoid of any actual ammunition to levy at Secretary Clinton, desperately invoked conspiracy theories yet again, putting the head of one of America’s two political parties in agreement with a man who believes that chem-trails are turning frogs gay

Secretary Clinton, of course, wasn’t about to let this slight go – and responded with a perfect right hook:

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Yes, Preibus, that is how you would want the next leader of a global superpower to behave – as opposed to the gibbering caricature in a suit that you have somehow convinced yourself to support, who spent his time blaming the victims of military sex assault for their own rapes. Trump told America that he, a real estate mogul of questionable success, knows better than the generals of the United States Army. He also lied to the American people about his own record not just once but several times.

Heartless insults, delusional narcissism, and obvious lies is what passes leadership among Republicans these days, but judging from their chairman, we shouldn’t be surprised. If you’d open his Bible, you’ll find the parables of guidance replaced with the most repugnant bits of Atlas Shrugged. How dare you tell the next President of the United States to smile? Do us a favor, Preibus, and delete your account.

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