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SHAME: Matt Lauer Lets Trump Tell A HUGE Lie About Iraq War, Says Nothing

SHAME: Matt Lauer Lets Trump Tell A HUGE Lie About Iraq War, Says Nothing

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Tonight’s “Commander-in-Chief forum” was a lesson in Trump enablism by the mainstream media. Time and time again, Trump will boldly repeat lies to the faces of news anchors – who will say nothing and let him get away with it, allowing his false narrative to become truth by way of repetition.

Tonight’s offense was committed by Matt Lauer, who said nothing when Trump said that he was always against the Iraq War – which he was not. In 2002, Howard Stern took a break from puerile innuendos to ask Trump whether or not he supported the the invasion of Iraq – and Trump said “Yeah, I guess. I wish we’d done it right the first time.”

What right “the first time” might mean, one can only wonder. At this point, it’s fairly obvious that Trump is utterly uninterested in policy positions and will say whatever he thinks his audience wants to here – but that ideological inconsistency and perpetual flip-flopping shows a lack of moral character and demonstrated untrustworthiness that is ill-becoming a man seeking the Presidency.

Trump went on to criticize Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for championing the NATO airstrike campaign that tipped the scales in the favor of the Libyan people’s revolution against the authoritarian Muammar Qaddafi regime, and may have averted a humanitarian crisis. Matt Lauer failed to remind Trump that he himself was so in favor of the intervention that he made a video about it.

Matt Lauer should be ashamed of himself for failing to do his duty to journalism and to the truth. He is now complicit in perpetuating the fantasy world that Trump and his followers exist in, allowing the pathological liar to continue presenting this false character that he’s trying to sell to the American people.

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