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Trump’s Bribes Just Exposed A MASSIVE Web Of Republican Corruption In Florida

Trump’s Bribes Just Exposed A MASSIVE Web Of Republican Corruption In Florida

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The Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, is leading the pack to win an award for most corrupt Attorney General in America. It is an honor of dubious distinction reserved for only the most odious of civil servants sworn with defending the public interest – while doing anything but that.

Previously, the despicable Bondi has been connected to performing blatant legal favors for her favorite one percenter. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In what has been described by defenders of Bondi as a mere coincidence, Bondi accepted a $25,000 donation from the Donald Trump Foundation three days after it was announced Bondi’s office was reviewing complaints against Trump’s fraudulent Trump University, which bilked thousands of individuals out of millions of dollars.

In return the individuals received useless certificates for the pleasure of being in Trump’s service. To the surprise of no person who understands that water is wet, Bondi made the surely difficult decision not to move forward with an investigation into Trump University.

It turns out the Trump University bribe was just the tip of the iceberg, revealing a larger pay-for-play scandal with which has been ignored by the mainstream media. In 2014, it was discovered Bondi accepted over $51,000 in gifts from corporations, with all of the donations being on the legal up and up, as they were laundered by the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA).

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The way in which the scam operates is corporations donate to RAGA and direct the association to then give those proceeds directly to their intended target – in this case the target was Ms. Bondi.

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She accepted hotel stays, meals, and free trips all around the world to undisclosed meetings and events whose fallout have, based upon her Trumponian belligerence, wide implications.

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All of Bondi’s cases, travel, and expenses require being investigated with a fine toothed comb. The RAGA also should be served a subpoena to open their record books. Not for mere surface impropriety, but for investigators to properly connect the dots of Bondi’s dastardly dossier.

One area of specific interest is a legal group donated to the RAGA whose donation found its way to Bondi. The legal group represented online travel companies that were doing their best to dodge taxes in Florida based on their operations. While the individual who held office before Bondi, named Bill McCollum, had pursued legal action against the travel companies in an attempt to extract taxes from them, Bondi declined to continue McCollum’s case. Certainly this is just another mere happenstance.

An untold amount of favors and criminal cases have likely been discarded due to Bondi’s bowing to the idols of greed and money. She is a disgrace to her office and profession, which is why she and Donald Trump get along like two peas in a pod.

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