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Liar Trump Whines That He Was “Tricked” Into Interview With Putin Propagandist

Liar Trump Whines That He Was “Tricked” Into Interview With Putin Propagandist

Republican nominee Donald Trump is now saying that he was “tricked” into appearing on RT (“Russia Today”) and that he thought his appearance was just for Larry King’s “podcast.” Trump is obviously trying to do some damage control after a media firestorm erupted when it was discovered that –  just days after Trump said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was “a better leader” than President Barack Obama – he had appeared on Russia’s state-controlled propaganda network.

Donald Trump’s love affair with the brutally repressive and enormously corrupt regime of Vladimir Putin has raised eyebrows across the country from both Republicans and Democrats alike. Being a greedy and heartless narcissist himself, it’s clear why Trump would find Putin’s rule to be appealing – but he’s running for the Presidency of the United States, and the values of an authoritarian tyrant like Putin are the antithesis of what our nation was founded on, and what it represents today.

If Donald Trump really thinks we need “extreme vetting” to allow refugees fleeing Putin’s bombs in Syria into the country, maybe he should start by vetting his own schedule. Not knowing that Larry King now works for the Putin media machine is his own fault. Either way, no matter how you spin it, this poor excuse makes him out to be either a fool or a liar. Since we already know he is both, we can safely ignore the protestations of unfairness that constantly spout from the Trump camp.

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