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Mark Cuban Just Called Out Eric Trump For Posting Phony Photo Of His Dad’s Rally (TWEET)

Mark Cuban Just Called Out Eric Trump For Posting Phony Photo Of His Dad’s Rally (TWEET)

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Eric Trump just illustrated just how much of Donald Trump’s improbable popular support truly is imaginary. After Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called out Donald Trump’s supporters for being a “basket of deplorables,” shaming them for being racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”

The self-entitled Trump scion responded to her honest assessment with this image that purports to show Trump’s rally in Florida last night:

Billionaire Mark Cuban and owner of the Dallas Mavericks quickly corrected him:

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As did outspoken sportscaster Keith Olbermann:

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It just goes to show how casually the Trump campaign will lie and distort reality to hide the truth. A cursory google search will reveal that the picture is from over a year ago, before Donald Trump had attacked Gold Star families or made any other number of appalling statements.

Trump’s campaign has no legs on the ground and his support base is just a facade, a smokescreen hiding the notorious dysfunction and internal chaos. It’s clear he’s not going anywhere near the White House if he has to stoop to such obvious lies.

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