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Michelle Obama Featured On Magazine Cover. Trump Fans Respond DISGUSTINGLY (PROOF)

Michelle Obama Featured On Magazine Cover. Trump Fans Respond DISGUSTINGLY (PROOF)

First Lady Michelle Obama recently appeared on the covers of Essence and InStyle magazines, discussing her post-White House plans and her dedication to advancing girls’ rights and opportunities. She’s launched a new initiative called Let Girls Learn! to get more young women the educations they need around the world – but conservative commentators around the country didn’t seem to find that very impressive.

Instead, they would rather insult this graceful, kind, and beautiful woman for her looks and otherwise entirely dehumanize her, questioning her gender orientation, sexuality, and relation to the human species. It is astonishing how partisan and openly sexist our country has become since the election of President Obama – because this kind of astonishing vitriol is truly appalling. It’s not even racism, unfortunately; Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gets her own fair share of right wing attacks.

First Lady Michelle Obama is an inspiration to us all, and deserves so much better than this.




But thankfully, proving there’s more love in our country than hate, people from both sides of the aisle leapt in to defend her – and pointed out the obvious hypocrisy the right-wing ignores when they worship Melania Trump.


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