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Watchdog Group Demands FBI Investigation Into Trump’s Illegal Bribes To Florida Attorney General

Watchdog Group Demands FBI Investigation Into Trump’s Illegal Bribes To Florida Attorney General

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In another stunning revelation, a Democratic watchdog group has just filed a formal complaint to the FBI and claims to have uncovered a new $87,000 donation from the Republican Party of Florida’s campaign fund to Pam Bondi shortly after Trump donated $140,000 to the statewide party, which the Democratic Coalition Against Trump alleges that, “in the month after the Trumps donated the $150,000 to the Florida Republican Party, Bondi received roughly $87,000 in campaign contributions from the same Republican Party committee account.”

Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump appears to have purchased favorable resolution of the active Trump University investigation at the Florida Attorney General’s office leading to the allegations in the Democratic Coalition Against Trump’s FBI complaint:

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump filed a complaint on Monday with the FBI’s Public Corruption program against Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.  The complaint comes after the coalition uncovered over $635,000 in questionable contributions to Bondi’s campaign while her office was considering a case against Trump University.

Over 800 Trump University victims from Florida have joined the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against Trump and his eponymous sham for-profit University. Recently, every major newspaper in Florida called for a federal investigation into Republican nominee Donald Trump’s egregious pay-for-play practices when it was assumed to be $26,000 in payoffs, but then the major fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago was revealed, and even Ivanka donated to Bondi.

Donald Trump earned roughly $5 million dollars personally in the Trump University con, where he falsely advertised ‘personally selected’ instructors peddling hope to regular Americans, induced people to continuously hand him money for little to nothing in exchange, and then sued (and lost big time) one of the students brave enough to complain, for telling the Feds about his scam.

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The Trump University scandal is the perfect metaphor for this year’s Republican presidential campaign, and one like the other is bound to collapse into a lengthy pile of litigation and substantiated allegations – and Donald Trump’s bribe to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi will be top of the heap.

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