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Military Veteran’s Message To America: Thank Me By Voting Hillary

Military Veteran’s Message To America: Thank Me By Voting Hillary

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Citizens who enlist to serve in the United States military do so out of a love for country and a duty to protect the rights of other Americans. They do not put their lives on the line because they are seeking any form of special treatment or elevated status. Such is the case with Marine Frank Biggio, who proudly defended America without reservation and who recently wrote an opinion piece declaring his support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Biggio began his commentary by outlining his thoughts on extracting special favors for wearing a uniform. “As one of the roughly 22 million Americans who served, or are serving, in the nation’s military, I always appreciate when people tell me, “Thank you for your service.” My response is always, “You’re welcome,” and other than the occasional department store discount or free round of drinks, I’ve never sought to exploit my veteran status to garner any special favors. This year is different. We are two months away from electing a new commander in chief.”

While Biggio has never sought recognition for his service, he knows the possibility of Donald Trump winning the presidency is too perilous to be overlooked, and he is asking for individuals who thank him for his service to do their thanking at the ballot box by voting for Clinton. He said of Trump:

This is a mercurial man who will have almost unchecked authority to put uniformed men and women in harm’s way, but whose understanding of foreign affairs and military strategy is based almost solely on his instincts rather than analysis.

One of our options includes a man who has glibly spoken about using nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle East and seems unconcerned about nuclear proliferation by other countries simply because it is “going to happen anyway;” who fails to comprehend the deterrent effect of U.S. troops in South Korea against increasingly belligerent threats by North Korea; who would allow NATO member states on Russia’s western border to fall to Kremlin aggressions unless they “pay up;” and who has denigrated the family of an Army captain killed in action while serving his country.

The former marine knows what it is like to serve under competent, steady, steeled leadership; which is everything Trump is not. Biggio reminds readers, “I served under many commanders. Some were leaders in name only, but most deserved the title by demonstrating core leadership principles, regardless of any stress or hardship, and didn’t resort to primitive and distracting antics like belligerent shouting or chest thumping. They led by example, invited collaboration, analyzed conflicting positions and took responsibility for the decisions that ultimately fell to them to make.”

One struggles to imagine a President Trump inviting collaborative thought, or taking responsibility for the decisions which will be on his shoulders alone to make if he does indeed become the commander of the entire United States military. Biggio rightfully worries about the fate of millions of American service people who will be duty bound to follow the orders of Trump, lest they face a court martial. He continued:

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There are many things to consider when heading to the polls in November. One of those is who should command the nearly 2.2 million members of our active and reserve military forces; who should be the elected leader with the authority to put their lives in jeopardy to protect American interests against evolving threats around the world.

The former marine continued his spot-on analysis of Trump’s bombastic and empty claims of military competence by demanding “Will we elect a man who, without offering any clarity, boasts that he “will be so good at the military, your head will spin,” as if his high school graduation from a military academy validates that claim, and hopes that the electorate will simply trust that will be so? Whose behavior and public comments cause a collective group of 50 foreign policy experts, most of whom are from the Republican Party and have at one time sat in the White House Situation Room and contemplated the implications — and repercussions — of deploying our military, to publicly denounce him and the security and foreign policy positions he has proposed?”

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Frank Biggio closed his thoughts with a plea to the American people to vote for Hillary Clinton as the only sane candidate who will not lead America down a road of ruin just because someone wrote something unkind about her on Twitter, “We have an alternative to the embarrassment that is Donald Trump, a candidate who, though not flawless, has actual experience and demonstrated pragmatism, is known and respected by military and civilian leaders in America and abroad and is capable of decisiveness and restraint as the situation requires. I’m with her.”

After never asking for a thing from the American people for his service of this great country Biggio concluded by asking for individuals to support Clinton, “This Election Day, please thank me for my service by voting for Hillary Clinton as our president and commander in chief.”

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