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BOMBSHELL: Investigation Finds Trump Is A HUGE Danger To National Security

BOMBSHELL: Investigation Finds Trump Is A HUGE Danger To National Security

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Republican candidate Donald Trump would benefit financially from taking the American troops out of South Korea, who’ve kept the peace for a generation and enabling our two countries to become economic partners – and probably to build the very screen you’re using to read this story. Trump’s business ties in Korea are an egregious conflict of interests, which would leave the greedy developer to choose between making money and keeping America safe from nuclear threats. If American voters choose Trump’s “yankee go home” policy over the Democratic candidate’s containment policies, we may be facing nuclear tipped missiles owned by the mad dictator of a country still at war with America. According to new reports:

Earlier this year, [Donald Trump] said South Korea should plan to shoulder its own military defense rather than relying on the United States, including the development of nuclear weapons. (He later denied making that statement, which was video-recorded.) One of the primary South Korean companies involved in nuclear energy, a key component in weapons development, is Trump’s partner—Daewoo Engineering and Construction. It would potentially get an economic windfall if the United States adopted policies advocated by Trump.

It took ten weeks to discover why the evil North Korean dictatorship endorsed Republican Donald Trump for President, and while it seemed laughable in June, now the xenophobic regime’s latest, largest nuclear bomb test raises the stakes.

The horrifying conflicts of interest Republican nominee Donald Trump’s international business ties create continues to provide serious national security reasons why voters absolutely must choose Democrat Hillary Clinton this November, as Newsweek documented in depth this week:

The idea of selling the Trump brand name to overseas developers emerged as a small piece of the company’s business in the late 1990s. At that time, two executives from Daewoo Engineering and Construction met with Trump at his Manhattan offices to propose paying him for the right to use his name on a new complex under development, according to former executives from the South Korean company. Daewoo had already worked with the Trump Organization to build the Trump World Tower, which is close to the Manhattan headquarters of the United Nations. The former Daewoo executives said Trump was at first skeptical, but in 1999 construction began on the South Korean version of Trump World, six condominium properties in Seoul and two neighboring cities. According to the two former executives, the Trump Organization received an annual fee of approximately $8 million a year.

Shortly after the deal was signed, the parent company of Daewoo Engineering and Construction, the Daewoo Group, collapsed into bankruptcy amid allegations of what proved to be a $43 billion accounting fraud. The chairman of the Daewoo Group, Kim Woo Choong, fled to North Korea; he returned in 2005, was arrested and convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to 10 years in prison. According to the two former Daewoo executives, a reorganization of Daewoo after its bankruptcy required revisions in the Trump contract, but the Trump Organization still remains allied with Daewoo Engineering and Construction.

It’s bad enough that the Republican candidate for President is indebted for billions of dollars to banks across the world, giving them an inherent leverage over his position, which the New York Times pointed out as creating an unsolvable conflict of interest for Trump. The result of those conflicts of interest were also put on blunt display by the New York Magazine to who called Trump the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever” because of his conflicted interest specifically in making a campaign visit to his own golf course in Scotland the day after their infamous “Brexit” vote and saying how much more money he could make if England’s currency got weaker.

A conflicted interest on such an important national security matter is plainly intolerable for any candidate seeking the office of President, and while Donald Trump has made more disqualifying statements in a week than most other political candidates in a lifetime, his conflicted position on Korea, which led Kim Jong Il to endorse the Republican’s candidacy should scare everyone all the more, now that we know Trump’s policy was just to help one of his many side businesses.

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