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Trump Jr. Just Gave The WORST Excuse For His Dad Not Releasing Tax Returns

Trump Jr. Just Gave The WORST Excuse For His Dad Not Releasing Tax Returns

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As the election approaches, Republican nominee Donald Trump has still not released his tax returns. He’s offered several excuses for his refusal to not follow in the footsteps of every modern presidential candidate and show the American people where his money is going, where its coming from and whether or not he’s paying his fair share of taxes or not. But he’s backed off on each excuse, and today his son confirmed why he won’t release them.

Donald Trump Jr. told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that his father’s “got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would detract from [his father’s] main message.” His father’s main message being ethnonationalist scapegoating and racist rabble-rousing, you’d think they might welcome a little distraction.

But it’s obvious at this point that Donald Trump has some serious irregularities that could potentially doom his candidacy for President. The content of those returns has been the subject of much speculation, but given Trump’s long history of tax evasion and political bribery, it doesn’t take much imagination to assume he’s committing some kind of fraud. He’s also suspected of accepting bribes from Russian oligarchs.

At this point, even prominent Republicans like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) are calling on him to release his returns. Secretary Clinton has released 32 years worth of tax returns – it’s high time Trump did the same. Such a disregard for electoral conventions is a rejection of the principle of transparency itself, which adds even more serious concerns to the mountain of disqualifiers surrounding Trump. If he won’t release his taxes as a candidate, one shudders to think at what a Trump White House would hide from the public.

Here’s Washington Post’s writer Drew Harwell’s running list of things Trump could be hiding in his taxes:

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