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Fact-Checkers: Trump Is Lying, Hillary Didn’t Start Birther Conspiracies

Fact-Checkers: Trump Is Lying, Hillary Didn’t Start Birther Conspiracies

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Fact checker websites PolitiFact,, and the Washington Post fact-checkers all took Donald Trump to task over his latest stunt claiming Hilary Clinton started the Obama “Birther Movement.” PolitiFact used their worst “Pants On Fire” rating to qualify the Donald’s claim that he “he finished” the controversy about where President Barack Obama was born, condemning his other remarks as completely false and a “full flop.”


For the last five years, Trump has perpetuated this racist conspiracy theory. He has openly questioned the validity of Obama’s birth certificate and gleefully perpetuated the myth that Obama was not born in the country, using it to his political advantage. Now, the campaign is desperately trying to backtrack on their racist opportunism and are blaming Clinton for starting the birther movement.

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” Trump said earlier today in a press conference that was largely nothing but an elaborate excuse to show off his new hotel. “I finished it.” He’s obviously done nothing of the sort, and this ridiculous attempt to flip the narrative and blame Secretary Clinton for the conspiracy that he’s been perpetuating for the past half decade is one of the most shameless ploys ever seen in American politics. We can’t allow him to succeed.

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For her part, Hillary Clinton pulled no punches in firing back.

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