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JUST IN: Georgia Cop Arrested After Shooting Herself And Blaming “Black Man”

JUST IN: Georgia Cop Arrested After Shooting Herself And Blaming “Black Man”

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To cap off a week in which police officers shot and killed two unarmed black men, a Georgia police officer has been arrested after it was discovered that she had fabricated a story about being shot by black man. Jackson Officer Sherry Hall has been charged with “false statements, tampering, interference with government property and a violation of oath of office.”

“After following leads and evidence, the investigation has now revealed that there is no, and never was, a suspect shooter at large in Jackson, Georgia” announced special agent Joe Wooten, who was investigating the “case.” Hall reported that on September 13th, a black man had shot her in her bulletproof vest, but it was discovered that the entire thing – radio call, tear in shirt, spent shell – was all a set-up.

The story is a stark reminder that the word of the police cannot always be taken at face value. When a protester was shot in the head during the Charlotte riots, the police immediately announced it was a civilian-on-civilian shooting, but multiple eyewitness reports say that it was a rubber bullet fired by riot police. A picture emerged of recently slain disabled black man Keith Lamont Scott showing a gun on the ground – but the video released by his grieving wife shows no gun but instead shows a cop dropping his glove. A police officer in St. Louis, Missouri, was recently charged with a homicide after it was discovered he had shot and killed a black man and then planted a gun on his body to justify his murder.

In an increasingly post-truth political atmosphere, we must demand and receive evidence. We cannot rely on the word of anybody – our politicians or police officers.

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