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KKK’s David Duke Chased Away After Crashing Black Lives Matter Protest

KKK’s David Duke Chased Away After Crashing Black Lives Matter Protest

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Early on Sunday, Black Lives Matter protesters in New Orleans gathered to decry a public statue of former President Andrew Jackson — which they want removed because of his bloody, racist-laced history. KKK Grand Wizard and Trump supporter David Duke waded into Jackson Square in a pathetic attempt to troll protesters, and was swiftly evicted by a nonviolent, but angry, crowd.

It didn’t take long for protesters to chase out Louisiana’s most reviled white supremacist politician, just a couple of minutes. But it was all caught on camera. Duke only entered the public square briefly until people realized who was there and began chanting:

“Racist, fascist, anti-gay. Right-wing bigot, go away!”

The public shaming worked, and in under a minute, about one hundred of the assembled protesters – most of whom had whipped out their smartphones and began recording what was going on – converged upon Duke, verbally convincing the hate group leader to depart. Only one video of the incident has been published thus far, although it’s clear that dozens more exist.

Duke stopped to speak only after exiting Jackson Square with a lying screed calling the murderous Andrew Jackson one of America’s “forefathers” (he wasn’t, he didn’t help draft the constitution nor have anything to do with the Revolutionary War) and demanding to keep standing the statute honoring our country’s genocidal army officer who got elected President (and is now being unceremoniously removed from the $20 bill).

Republican nominee Donald Trump needed days to “disavow” David Duke during the primary season,  leading to one of his worst Pants on Fire lies in February, falsely claiming to “know nothing” about the man who kept the orange one from running on the Reform Party presidential ticket back then.

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Most recently, Republican Vice Presidential nominee refused to call Duke “deplorable,” hypocritically positing that he “wasn’t in the name calling business” even though he’s a key part of a political campaign capable of little else than name calling – like Lyin Ted or Low Energy Jeb.

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Watch Duke’s cowardice here:

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