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Trump’s Vice President Caught Calling Gays “Pathological” In Unearthed Rant

Trump’s Vice President Caught Calling Gays “Pathological” In Unearthed Rant

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When Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, many in the media pontificated that Pence’s folksy demeanor would be a perfect foil for Trump’s abrasive speaking style. It is true that Pence is as stale as a slice of white bread that has sat outside of the bag for several days, but the real reason Trump chose Pence is his lifelong pursuit of bigotry.

Trump hates immigrants, minorities, Muslims, and women while Pence hates the entire LGBT community and anyone who is not a Christian. Together they have covered the entire American gauntlet of individuals who are not white, which cooed and coddled the Republican base like dipping into a warm bath.

After becoming a national political figure, Pence has done his best to disguise his hatred as concern for the “family”, but while he was the president of “Indiana Policy Review” (IPR) from 1991 to 1994 he had no qualms about sharing warped views with anyone who could stomach the publication’s babble without vomiting. The IPR’s core readership is comprised of individuals who believe the world is flat, women belong barefoot in the kitchen, and that LGBT individuals are sexual deviants of the worst order, as they so cheerily described homosexuality as “a pathological condition.”

The Pink Newsroom” was published by in 1993 by IPR, with Pence’s name proudly printed in the sidebar as a nod to his affirmation of published words. The deplorable piece describes the publication’s outrage that numerous unnamed national newspapers would have the gall to attend “a gay journalist employment fair.”

How dare they? At the time the IPR was apparently afraid that gay journalists writing about gay issues would be unethical and biased, which makes coherent sense as the IPR once published that gays enjoy “showering in the urine of others” and that “homosexuals are not as a group able-bodied.” Clearly, IPR is and forever shall be the golden standard of ethical, fact-based thought.

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The drippingly hateful piece described homosexuality as “gaydom” and worried a news editor who happened to be gay would be unable to fairly and accurately publish news without their “sexually motivated behavior” influencing their editorial decisions.

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Curiously, the piece compared a gay journalist writing about gay issues to that of a car salesman writing about cars. When selecting which opinions to ingest in the media it would follow that an individual with no knowledge on a subject is of greater value than one who has intimate knowledge of the subject at hand. For example, while one is browsing an issue of Popular Mechanics the desire of the reader is surely greater to read about the latest in the world of mechanics by an author whose career has been focused on writing for “Ignorant Bigot Monthly.”

Not content with embarrassing themselves there, IPR further queried, “If gays have reached the point they are organizing employment fairs, what’s to keep secret?” Except there was no secret, as the various national publications announced they were attending the employment fairs. This inability to follow along with the conversation is a staple of the conservative thought process, where one asks questions as if the answer hadn’t already been concisely offered.

Mike Pence has never disavowed the writings of IPR and rather wears the disgusting published rhetoric as a badge of high distinction. The American population is comprised of around 8% of citizens who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, or otherwise. Data has shown nearly 63% of the LGBT community votes, and for good reason.

The dignity, rights, and indeed the very lives of LGBT citizens are at stake in this election if Mike Pence were to be one carotid artery away from the presidency if Donald Trump, whose own medical report acknowledged is overweight, were to die in office after eating another large slab of charred prime rib.



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