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BUSTED: Huge Ring Of Trump Fans Caught Rigging Online Debate Polls

BUSTED: Huge Ring Of Trump Fans Caught Rigging Online Debate Polls

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Turns out the online polls being re-tweeted all over Twitter by Trump supporters and the presidential candidate himself are not organic, but part of an elaborate campaign created to manipulate the polling and fool the public into thinking that the debate was a Trump victory after-the-fact.

Here’s Trump’s tweet with all his fictitious accolades:

Tuesday morning after the first televised presidential debate, a mysterious #TrumpWon hashtag emerged from the Russian troll-farms in St. Petersberg that started trending along with dubious online polls saying Trump had won the debate.

The hashtag ran contrary to the popular opinion reflected in every major media news network poll, which showed Hilary Clinton as the clear winner of the night. Even conservative TV network Fox News conceded this point when attracting attention to the polls saying, “if polls only included media pundits, Hillary Clinton would have won Monday’s debate by a landslide.”

Thing is, Hilary did win the debate by a landslide, even if the online polls didn’t accurately reflect that. And thanks to The Daily Dotwe now know the reason why Trump won the online polls but literally lost by every other yardstick:

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It’s because Trump supporters cheated.

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The effort to create a false narrative of a Trump debate victory began by recruiting members of the pro-Trump Reddit community r/The_Donald and 4chan message boards, affecting somewhere around 70 polls, including polls by Time, Fortune, and CNBC. The r/The_Donald community has over 200,000 subscribers, and with its numbers it made short work of online polls susceptible to bots, vote brigading, and other forms of manipulation that make these online survey results extremely dubious.


This latest instance of foul play from the Trump campaign tells us the length to which Trump supporters will go to get their candidate elected, especially if they see it as their only recourse. Luckily nothing could be done for Donald, because his loss was so dramatically obvious, that tampering with the polls wasn’t enough to hide the glaring fact that he lost.

Let’s hope that next November, manipulating online polls won’t be enough to stop the critical mass of reasonable voters who don’t want to elect a megalomaniac.

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