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Giuliani Just Said Trump Should Drop Out Of Debates. His Reason Is PATHETIC

Giuliani Just Said Trump Should Drop Out Of Debates. His Reason Is PATHETIC

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Usually, nobody says Trump is ready for battle louder than Trump’s senior advisor Rudy Giuliani, but after his candidate suffered a bruising defeat last night at the hands of Hillary Clinton’s, the histrionic former New York Mayor had a different solution for his fact-less Republican nominee. Giuliani knows that the racist Republican nominee cannot possibly win any debate involving facts, so he told NBC what he’d do if possible:

“If I were Donald Trump I wouldn’t participate in another debate unless I was promised that a journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact checker.”

That’s right. Trump should drop out of the debates because facts are hard.

The Hill reported specifically that the former prosecutor Giuliani was most upset over Lester Holt’s accurate fact check (that even NYPD agreed with) that “stop and frisk,” as practiced under his watch in New York, was definitively declared unconstitutional by a judge:

“If journalism has ethics, Lester Holt unethically interfering in the area of law he knows nothing about,” Giuliani said. “It is not unconstitutional and Trump’s description of that case was correct.”

When the two tangled, it was always about the facts, and each time Lester Holt stood solely on the sturdiest ground. Republicans aren’t enamored with facts, and often try to pretend recorded statements don’t exist, so it wasn’t surprising that Giuliani tried to backtrack instantly to NBC.

After realizing that he’d just made “Spin Room” headlines, he said “I did not say what I’m advising, I’m saying what I would do. Whatever advice I give to Donald Trump, I’ll give to Donald Trump.”

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Lester Holt did an acceptable job as moderator last night, upsetting partisans on both sides while managing not to blow any key moments with odd remarks or lasting moments of shame. The Republican nominee made several desperate “hail mary throw” sales pitches to the American people last night, but outside of his base it played disastrously.

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