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JUST IN: After Debate, Polls Show Clinton Is Surging In Every Pivotal Swing State

JUST IN: After Debate, Polls Show Clinton Is Surging In Every Pivotal Swing State

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Hillary Clinton surprised political observers by handily besting the Republican nominee in this years widely viewed first debate at Hofstra University.

New polls suggest that swing state voters in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania responded to her combination of reasonable policy and tart barbs which baited the Republican nominee into rants about birtherism, Rosie O’Donnell and defending his temperament.  Public Policy Polling had this to say about the Democratic nominee’s strong post-debate bounce:

New Public Policy Polling surveys in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, conducted on behalf of VoteVets Action Fund, find Hillary Clinton leading in each state. Voters in all five states see Clinton as having been the runaway winner of Monday night’s debate, and they question Donald Trump’s temperament and preparedness for office.

Clinton has solid leads in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Virginia- states seen as important to her path to 270 electoral votes- and modest leads in Florida and North Carolina, where wins would be indicative of a dominant overall victory in the Electoral College. If these results hold up, Donald Trump has no path to victory.

These poll results show conclusively that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s strategy of turning the 2016 into a referendum on good government versus racism has sunk in with voters. Swing state voters were widely turned off in focus groups by Donald Trump’s incessantly rude demeanor, his stream of indefensible lies and most of all, by his rude comment that not paying taxes “makes me smart.”

Swing state voters – like most Americans – view the issue of taxes in campaigns through the twin lenses of transparency and fairness. When a wealthy candidate like Republican Donald Trump withholds taxes, it creates questions about what he has to hide. But Trump he says that voters are stupid for paying taxes, it infuriated swing state undecided voters.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has no such problems with swing state voters, after revealing 30 years worth of tax returns and the last year showing that she paid a 34% rate on her income.

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