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Mark Cuban Explains Why He Changed His Mind On Trump In Viral Post

Mark Cuban Explains Why He Changed His Mind On Trump In Viral Post

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Billionaire Mark Cuban went on Twitter to lash out at rival billionaire Donald Trump once again, explaining to America why he changed his mind about the Republican nominee, who he apparently once respected.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks is absolutely right in his assessment that Trump doesn’t have any of the mental faculties one usually associates with leadership or a pioneering businessman. Trump has no interest in anything but himself and filling his pockets by any means.

Trump’s entire business career was made off the labor and production of others, whether through deceit, exploitation or outright theft. He has done nothing to energize markets; he’s only taken advantage of their collapse and profited off the suffering of others. A shallow, boorish cur who uses his money to surround himself in garish and abrasive finery, Trump slathers his home with gold as if he is so insecure that his ego must be constantly reassured with visual reminders of his wealth, from which all self-worth is derived.

For Trump, the money is an end unto itself, a fulfillment of a primitive materialistic fantasy. He is a living manifestation of the most despicable aspects of American capitalism, a shady business man so outrageous he more closely resembles a caricature in a German cautionary tale about the evils of greed than a President of the United States. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, constantly challenges herself, hungers to know more, to expand her mind and sees the world in the big picture -as the world demands of a true leader. There’s only one choice for America at the polls this November.

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