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Top Neo-Nazi Author: “EVERY Nazi I Know Is Volunteering For Trump”

Top Neo-Nazi Author: “EVERY Nazi I Know Is Volunteering For Trump”

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Rising tides raise all ships, and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s candidacy has raised the profile of white supremacists around the nation. In fact, nearly every member of the “alt-right” which includes KKK loving, Hitler reading, Nazi symbol wearing morons are supporting Trump according to a new investigation.

The flood of racists supporting Trump is unprecedented in modern American politics, and he can thank his unending stream of hateful racial blather of divisiveness for the quite prestigious honor of being the spokesman for the white pointy hat club. The last time there was even a fraction of the amount of interest and enthusiasm by scared white people was when George Wallace was running for office.

One can find signs of racists coming to the mainstream with their twisted ideology everywhere if they care to look. One of the most aged and popular of racist websites, Stormfront, has 20% of their entire publication dedicated to Trump. They’ve been forced to upgrade their web servers because the demand for their content is so high.

The editor of another racist website, the Daily Stormer,  Andrew Anglin, whose publication literally features a section called “Race War”, is enthusiastic about Trump as are all of his racist friends. He said, “Trump had me at ‘build a wall.’ virtually every alt-right Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign.”

David Duke, the former congressman and Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, thanks Trump for his rise in the polls for an open senate seat in Louisiana. Presently Duke is polling at around 11 percent, which is not enough to win. However, that he has any life in the race at all, Duke says, is all due to Trump’s candidacy. Duke gushed about Trump, “I love it. The fact that Donald Trump’s doing so well, it proves that I’m winning. I am winning.”

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Duke previously vowed to support Trump’s agenda, “Nobody will be more supportive of Donald Trump’s legislative agenda, his Supreme Court agenda than I will. I’m 100 percent behind it.” There is, however, a curious twist. Duke is polling higher among black voters in Louisiana than Trump is, with 14 percent of support, compared to Trump’s 1 to 5 percent in various polls.

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When black voters in a southern state would rather support a man who literally ran the KKK, whose stated purpose is to cleanse the nation of black people, that should tell one something about Trump.

In bringing these despicable elements to the mainstream, rather than keeping them in the shadows where they belong, Trump is doing irreparable damage to America’s political system. Thanks to his candidacy, Trump has proven open racism is acceptable to millions of Americans who will support and cheer anything to calm their scared white minds.


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