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Trump Fans Just Insulted and Chased Disabled 7-Year-Old Out Of Rally

Trump Fans Just Insulted and Chased Disabled 7-Year-Old Out Of Rally

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A despicable scene unfolded at a Donald Trump rally in Loveland, Colorado for a mother and her young disabled daughter who went to listen to Trump’s speech. The mother, who is not particularly politically active, had pure intentions on hearing out Trump’s campaign pitch. What she instead received was vile rhetoric from Trump’s supporters, who had the gall to heckle her and her innocent daughter.

Jennifer Mau, the mother of 7-year-old Chloe, said her daughter “was born with multiple birth defects, facial anomalies, no jaw bone, no ears. She gets all of her nutrients through a feeding tube.” Mau, like millions of other Americans, is undecided who she will be voting for. This is not a detriment against her, as she has obviously been busy caring for her daughter’s special needs rather than paying attention to the minutia of political theater bombarding America’s information highways. She was asked, “So you don’t support Hillary or Trump?” Mau calmly answered while shaking her head, “Hmm. Not really.”

When asked by local reporters at KMGH why she attended Trump’s rally Mau replied, “I just wanted to see what a rally would be like because I’ve watched them all over the country.” What she received was a rude awakening which virtually guaranteed Mau’s vote will go to Clinton.

Mau was sitting with other families with individuals who have disabilities. Mau attended the rally for 20 minutes and decided to leave when she was accosted by a Trump supporter who demanded to know, “Why are you leaving?” Mau was annoyed with the question, as she certainly did not owe a random stranger an explanation.

She recalled, “That struck a nerve and I said, ‘Why are you here?’ Because it was all handicapped people. I said ‘Why are YOU here? He makes fun of people like you.'” After the terse exchange, Mau picked up her daughter and made her way towards the exit when another Trump supporter, who happened to be female, began to stalk Mau.

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The outrageous and probably intoxicated Trump supporter berated Mau by screaming a litany of comments including, “If you loved your daughter you would vote for Trump.” and “You need to get educated because he didn’t mock anybody on purpose.”

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At this point, the Secret Service intervened and helped Mau to the exit. Mau said of the incident, “It made me sad.” and that she will likely not be attending any other political events with her daughter in the future.

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Violence and ugly rhetoric amongst Trump supporters at his rallies have become a staple of the 2016 election with numerous other incidents involving violence and ridicule having been reported. Mau was fortunate to exit the premise with a tongue lashing rather than a punch to the mouth — or worse. After all, Trump has promised to pay the legal fees if his supporters assault his detractors in the audience.

The ignorance of Trump’s supporters alienating potential voters speaks to their overall stupidity. While various polls show Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a dead heat, Trump’s hive-mind like borg collective should be doing everything they can to woo voters to their side, rather than picking fights. This scene, while tragic, ultimately works to betterment of all in society as not only did Trump lose Jennifer Mau’s vote, but through her story receiving national attention Trump’s supporters will likely have alienated other voters in a similar position. In such a tightly contested and contentious race for the White House, every vote counts.

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