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Trump Is Furiously Jealous That Pence Did Better In His Debate Than Him

Trump Is Furiously Jealous That Pence Did Better In His Debate Than Him

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Wow. Republican nominee Donald Trump is so childish and petty, he cannot stomach anyone on his campaign getting more attention or praise than he does for any given reason. Reports have been pouring into CNBC and CNN that Trump is upset that Mike Pence performed better in his Vice Presidential debate than he did against Hillary.

This tells you everything you need to know about The Donald’s massive ego.

It’s true, Pence lied frequently about his own positions, but when it came time to defend the Republican nominee, he tossed Donald Trump under the bus. Observers gave style points to the Indiana Governor whose, whose infamous “religious freedom” bill nearly destroyed the state economy to promote bigotry. Even CNN’s scientific polling confirmed that Mike Pence didn’t defend his running mate’s position whatsoever:

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If one listened closely, Democratic nominee Tim Kaine did a spectacular job of playing defense against the Republican VP nominee’s baseless allegations against Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundation and against the latest trumped up Republican “investigations.”

In fact, Tim Kaine won the debate on substance hands down, because the Democrat forced Mike Pence to repeatedly say that Trump’s own words were “insulting” to millions of Americans.

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