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Trump Tweeted Insults As Pence Said They AREN’T Running An Insult-Driven Campaign

Trump Tweeted Insults As Pence Said They AREN’T Running An Insult-Driven Campaign

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During tonight’s vice-presidential debate, Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence kept on attempting to shoot down Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA)’s assertion that Republican nominee Donald Trump was running an “insult-driven” campaign.

But unbeknownst to him, as Pence was speaking those words, his ticket partner and his party’s nominee was actively re-tweeting insults – which Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton picked up on immediately.


It is ludicrous to say that Trump has not been running on a campaign of insults, as he regularly insults anyone who calls him out – from the “haters and losers” of the American people who won’t support him to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS), who he regularly mocks as “Pocahontas” for having Native American ancestry. He’s implied that FOX News moderator Megyn Kelly was menstruating during her moderation as an explanation for asking him legitimate questions about his record with women and implied that the mother of a fallen American war hero, Capt. Humayun Khan, “wasn’t allowed” to speak at the DNC because her husband “wouldn’t let her.” Just this week, Trump said that soldiers who suffer PTSD aren’t strong.

Trump himself has acknowledged that he regularly insults people, saying in a court filing that “Calling a person ‘a real dummy’ or a ‘major loser,’ or saying that a person has ‘zero credibility,’ may be subjectively offensive to that person, but it does not change the legal reality that the statements — as offensive as they may be to the plaintiff — are protected opinion speech, and thus not defamatory as a matter of law.”

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Trump has shown time and time again that he is temperamentally unfit to be President of the United States, and this is just another mound thrown on the steaming mound of evidence that proves he is nothing but a self-entitled bully masquerading as a politician.


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