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Trump’s Accountant Just Called Him Out For Lying About His Taxes

Trump’s Accountant Just Called Him Out For Lying About His Taxes

Billionaire Donald Trump has tried every lie and story he can conjure to hide the fact that he has opted out of paying federal income taxes calling himself: brilliant. Even late night comedian Steven Colbert asked last week, “Shouldn’t we really be voting for his accountant Jack Mitnick?” Hilariously, he was right, but we didn’t get confirmation until Inside Edition interviewed Trump’s 80-year old accountant who confirmed that Trump claimed all of the credit for his hard work:

“I did all the tax preparation. He never saw the product until it was presented to him for signature… I’m the one who did all the work.”

Mitnick said that, “The numbers had to be put in there with a typewriter,” because software of the day couldn’t even handle a loss that large. To the tax preparers of the day, it must’ve been inconceivable that an individual person could manage to lose a 9 figure sum of money, let alone losing $915,000,000 like the Republican nominee claimed in 1995.

Once again, Donald Trump’s public statements don’t pass the smell test, proving that he’s no more brilliant than the next person born into fabulous wealth to a connected family with big trust funds. The bombshell New York Times report which uncovered Donald Trump’s brutal business failure set the stage for him to skip paying 18 years worth of taxes was originally confirmed by Jack Mitnick.

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