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30 Republican Ex-Congressmen Just Slammed Trump In Damning Open Letter

30 Republican Ex-Congressmen Just Slammed Trump In Damning Open Letter

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A new group of Republican legislators have released a statement denouncing their party’s nominee for President as unfit to serve. The list includes close allies of both former House Speaker John Boehner and current Speaker Paul Ryan, the second gay Republican to come out in Congress and even the former congressman that investigated Democratic President Bill Clinton in the 1990s for two of the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ dry holes – “travelgate” and “filegate” – both of which wasted money and time, but found absolutely no wrongdoing. According to The Hill:

“Our party’s nominee this year is a man who makes a mockery of the principles and values we have cherished and which we sought to represent in Congress.

Given the enormous power of the office, every candidate for president must be judged rigorously in assessing whether he or she has the competence, intelligence, knowledge, understanding, empathy, judgment, and temperament necessary to keep America on a safe and steady course. Donald Trump fails on each of those measures, and he has proven himself manifestly unqualified to be president.”

The complete list includes two former Committee Chairmen, the outspoken former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey who went on MSNBC in July to demand that the national party invoke rarely used bylaws to pull the plug on the Trump campaign.

Former members rejecting Trump include Sherwood Boehlert (N.Y.), who chaired the House Science and Technology Committee, Jim Kolbe (Ariz.), the second openly gay Republican in Congress, Amo Houghton Jr. (N.Y.), who was once the wealthiest member of Congress, and Geoff Davis (Ky.), who was consistently among the most conservative Republicans in Congress.

Sadly, these former Republican legislators didn’t speak out early enough to avert the disastrous Trump candidacy which their party’s voters have inflicted upon America. Now that the Republican party has spent the better part of a year seeking to normalize racial hatred, bigotry and religious discrimination, it’s going to take years to undo the damage in civil society.

Hopefully, more Republicans from yesteryear follow suit before absentee and early voting arrives to send a clear message to their fellow members of the party of Lincoln: Dump Trump!

Here’s the complete list:

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Steve Bartlett (Texas)

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Bob Bauman (Maryland)

Sherwood Boehlert (New York)

Jack Buechner (Missouri)

Tom Campbell (California)

Bill Clinger (Pennsylvania)

Tom Coleman (Missouri)

Geoff Davis (Kentucky)

Mickey Edwards (Oklahoma)

Harris Fawell (Illinois)

Ed Foreman (Texas & New Mexico)

Amo Houghton, Jr. (New York)

Gordon Humphrey (New Hampshire)

Bob Inglis (South Carolina)

Jim Kolbe (Arizona)

Steve Kuykendall (California)

Jim Leach (Iowa)

Pete McCloskey (California)

Connie Morella (Maryland)

Mike Parker (Missouri)

Tom Petri (Wisconsin)

John Porter (Illinois)

Claudine Schneider (Rhode Island)

John “Joe” Schwarz (Michigan)

Chris Shays (Connecticut)

Peter Smith (Vermont)

Edward Weber (Ohio)

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