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Women Across America Respond To Trump’s Groping Comments (TWEETS)

Women Across America Respond To Trump’s Groping Comments (TWEETS)

After the tapes of Donald Trump admitting to sexual assault and speaking of women in a reprehensibly crude manner surfaced this afternoon, women across America took to Twitter to share their stories and remind us all that this kind of behavior is far more pervasive than our patriarchal society will admit.

One in five women in America will be raped in her lifetime. One in four girls will be sexually assaulted by the time she is eighteen years old. A study by the National Victim Center found that 78 American women are raped every hour. These statistics are absolutely appalling and they should deeply disturb you. If you don’t believe that rape culture in America is real, just look to Republican nominee Donald Trump – his behavior, his entitlement to women’s bodies, and his dehumanizing language when referring to women are evidence that rape culture is alive and well in the United States.

Ask any woman you know; in all likelihood, the sad truth is she’s been the victim of sexual aggression at some point in her life.

Read what American women have to say about Trump’s remarks:

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