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Elizabeth Warren Responds to Trump’s Leaked Audio With A Great Question

Elizabeth Warren Responds to Trump’s Leaked Audio With A Great Question

Senator Elizabeth Warren was already a hero to progressives long before the 2016 election, but then she emerged as Donald Trump’s main tormentor on twitter this spring and hasn’t looked back. After last night’s devastating revelation of the Trump Tapes, the Senator from Massachusetts put on her Harvard Law professor’s hat and in the role of online prosecutor, and interrogated The Donald directly on twitter about his braggadocios view of sexual assault.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s most memorable attack line of this election is, “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” Did Elizabeth Warren’s sharp question create the tipping point, the impetus which inspired the Republican nominee to ask his campaign staff to write scripted apology, which the sociopath could deliver quickly last night?

Elizabeth Warren didn’t stop at interrogating the candidate with the pumpkin complexion. She called out the entire Republican Party for normalizing racism and sexual assault by endorsing Donald Trump in another tweet even more viral than the first.

Sure enough, the dis-endorsements have been pouring in across the aisle as Republicans flee the sinking ship. Even Trump’s recent SCOTUS pick, the arch-conservative Tea Party leader Sen. Mike Lee from Utah publicly asked the nominee to step aside for the good of the party in a Facebook live video. Doubtless, Trump will stay in the race to finish off the irrevocable damage he’s done to the Republican brand already.

Amazingly, the Republican nominee has not tweeted anything at all since 11pm the night of October 6th. He certainly isn’t answering Senator Warren’s questions, because the audio recording truly did end all debates about who should be America’s first female President: Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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