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New Audio Just Leaked Of Trump Agreeing His Daughter Is A “Piece Of Ass”

New Audio Just Leaked Of Trump Agreeing His Daughter Is A “Piece Of Ass”

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As seems to always be the case with Trump scandals, the bombshells keep falling. Following on the release shocking comments made by Republican Donald Trump in which he admits to sexually assaulting women,  CNN released a recording of Donald Trump and Howard Stern happily objectifying his own daughter. In this September 2004 Stern begins by commenting on the voluptuousness of Ivanka Trump’s breasts before calling her a “piece of ass” – which Trump has no problem with.

TRUMP: My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka.
STERN: By the way, your daughter…
TRUMP: She’s beautiful.
STERN: Can I say this? A piece of ass.
TRUMP: Yeah.

The remarks aren’t as viscerally damning as Trump’s remarks about forcing himself on married women, but they confirm Trump’s inherent sexism and misogyny. It’s well documented that Donald Trump finds his daughter sexually attractive and has made extremely uncomfortable remarks about her body throughout his life, but this shows that he doesn’t even see his own daughter as a person worthy of respect.

Trump has no problem with his buddy Howard Stern sexualizing and dehumanizing his daughter, reducing her to an object to be used and discarded like Trump does his wives. In his world, a woman’s only value comes from her attractiveness and her willingness to provide sexual pleasure to Trump; and that is a horrifying fundamental flaw that should automatically disqualify him from the presidency.


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