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Pence Just Ran From Reporters Asking About Trump’s Groping, “We’re Not Doing This”

Pence Just Ran From Reporters Asking About Trump’s Groping, “We’re Not Doing This”

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Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana and avowed religious extremist, fled with his tail between his legs from reporters following the leaked audio showing Donald Trump admitting to sexually assaulting women.

Pence was at a restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, meeting locals and autographing a hot dog bun when the news broke. As his press pool approached him, his aide told the reporters to not approach Pence. “You know what, we’re not doing this” said the aide.

Mike Pence is a patriarchal misogynist in his own right, having signed numerous anti-LGBT and anti-women’s choice bills into law. But he’s supposedly a “family values” Christian conservative, and his refusal to acknowledge the heinous remarks made by his running partner is the height of political cowardice.

It just goes to show that Pence, like the rest of the modern-day Republican Party, is morally vacant hypocrite willing to discard the “principles” he purports to uphold on the campaign trail in favor of his own political ambitions.

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