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Watch Alec Baldwin Mock Trump’s “P*ssy” Comments On SNL

Watch Alec Baldwin Mock Trump’s “P*ssy” Comments On SNL

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“Well, looks like Donald Trump finally got what he wanted; a working microphone.” That’s how the segment where Alec Baldwin just slayed Saturday Night Live’s cold open tonight, satirizing Donald Trump’s sociopathic response to the “Trump Tapes” scandal last night. SNL set the sketch in a mock live CNN interview on the show that was actually live broadcast.

Alec Baldwin appeared just like Trump last night on social media, with the same cheesy New York City background. Baldwin couldn’t say the word apologize, preferring a Trump-speak word “apple-a-gize.” As the segment starts, the blond, female CNN interviewer struggled to even speak on camera about the heart of the scandalous audio recording, when Baldwin’s Trump blurted out “P***y!” loudly, in a rare uncensored moment of network TV.

Baldwin as Trump concluded that, “If you give me a chance, I promise… I can do a whole lot more than grab it. I can also bop it, twist it and push it.” Then, after the ‘interview’ ends, Baldwin stands up in a split screen and delivers a classic hot mic moment complete with hand gestures and the camera at waist level: “I wish I was that hurricane, tearing through that hot Miami p***y. I would just destroy it.”

Watch this Alec Baldwin as Trump in this instant classic satire:

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