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No, Hillary Clinton Never Laughed At A Child Rape Victim

No, Hillary Clinton Never Laughed At A Child Rape Victim

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During tonight’s debate, Donald Trump repeated a common conspiracy theory that circulates around right-wing media circles – that as a young lawyer, she laughed at the allegations of a child rape victim while defending his attacker. “Her client she represented got him off and she is seen laughing on two occasions laughing at the girl who was raped” said Trump.

The truth is that Clinton did not want to take on the client, but had to do so because she was appointed his public defender, writing in her memoir that she “really didn’t feel comfortable taking on such a client, but [the prosecutor] reminded me that I couldn’t very well refuse the judge’s request.”

She was interviewed by Arkansas journalist Roy Reed in the 1980s about the case, recording the conversation. During the interview, years after the fact, Clinton did chuckle at some points – but never while discussing the crime committed during the case. She laughed about the weaknesses of polygraph tests, since her client had successfully passed one.

As the public defender, she did her job – she negotiated a plea bargain in which her client plead to a reduced charge.

There’s absolutely no truth to the assertion that Clinton laughed at a rape victim.

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The interview can be listened to here, courtesy of POLITICO:

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