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A Campaign Just Launched to Pay Legal Fees of Anyone Leaking Trump Tapes

A Campaign Just Launched to Pay Legal Fees of Anyone Leaking Trump Tapes

Donald Trump’s disastrous presidential campaign just inspired a few responsible netizens seeking transparency to create a crowd-funding website named the Trump Sunlight Campaign. Their goal is to encourage members of the cast and crew of NBC’s The Apprentice to leak more recordings of the Republican nominee behaving badly, exposing his secret dark side that his campaign deems as “Trump being Trump.” Just launched, they’ve already raised $24,000 out of their $5 million dollar goal:

Recent developments have lead many to believe that video footage of Donald Trump exists which proves that the person we have all come to know over the past year is not the person that he truly is – footage that reinforces what we have all just recently begun to see more clearly.

There are risks to releasing this footage, including a potential $5 million dollar lawsuit, other legal fees or adverse professional implications. This campaign hopes to raise the funds to pay those penalties and reward the whistleblower responsible with whatever remains to assist them as they move forward in their career.

It’s a shame that Trump’s entire campaign of racial hatred and religious discrimination could’ve been halted sooner, if only the producers of The Apprentice had revealed the contractual cost of releasing these recordings. Five million dollars is quite a lot of money to buy a bunch of tough to watch b-roll recordings from a decade old reality TV show, but it pales in comparison to the savings America will enjoy from avoiding the most unfit presidential candidate in our 240 year-old democracy.

Ironically, Trump and his political supporters heavily pushed the theory of “Two Trumps” during the height of Republican primary campaign season.  Former primary opponent Dr. Ben Carson was the main proponent of “Two Trumps” theory, which has been proven far more true than his theory of pyramid grain elevators or his idea that ‘Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery.”

The revelation of an audio recording depicting the reality TV star’s crude bragging about sexual assault and marital infidelity proved, irrevocably, that Ben Carson was right!  There are Two Trumps.” One Trump is the Republican nominee, offending two thirds of the American populace and courting extremist groups like the KKK. The other Trump is a a sex addict who poaches other men’s wives, steals kisses and grabs p***y.

“We had a feeling there was more stuff out there,” creator Aaron Holman, told But people “are being intimidated by the threat of a bunch of legal fees.”

Let’s make it happen.

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