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Republican Blogger Quits Party Over “Sexist” Trump, Goes Viral In Epic Tweetstorm

Republican Blogger Quits Party Over “Sexist” Trump, Goes Viral In Epic Tweetstorm

The Republican Party is self-destructing just weeks away from Election Day, as even life-long conservatives flee the GOP because of Trump’s toxic brand. One such Republican is Marybeth Glenn, from Wisconsin. Glenn took to Twitter, brilliantly warning other US conservatives where their party is going as a direct result of Trump’s sexism and the Republican establishment’s cowardly refusal to reject him.

In a string of 18 tweets, Glenn calls out the sexist members of her party, who are standing idly by as Trump makes a mockery of what she has spent so much time defending to other women—her status as a conservative. Glenn can no longer speak on behalf of the Republicans, as they classify Trump’s sexual assaults and blatant disrespect of women as “normal.” She pleads with Ryan, Cruz, Rubio and Reince—“unendorse this piece of human garbage,” telling her party, “We don’t need you to stand up for us, YOU needed to stand up for us for YOU. For YOUR dignity. For YOUR reputation.”


She is publicly walking away from the GOP, and although she points out, it may seem like she’s just one woman leaving, she is not the only one. As Glenn calls it, “One by one you’ll watch more women like me go, & you’ll watch men of ACTUAL character follow us out the door. And what you’ll be left with are the corrupt masses that foam at the mouth every time you step outside the lines.”

The Republicans cannot sustain their party with Trump at the helm. Every self-respecting conservative should be questioning themselves and their leaders, exactly as Glenn has. Her tweets have gone viral because she is reflecting the feelings of women who have always defended being conservative but can no longer justify their participation in this misogynist circus. After years of excuses and loyalty, Trump, and the Republicans who are either silent or standing up for his sexism, have made the women of the GOP finally walk away.

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