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Trump Fans Just Heckled Obama, and His Response Is Priceless

Trump Fans Just Heckled Obama, and His Response Is Priceless

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Yesterday, President Obama was stumping for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, North Carolina, when he was interrupted by a number of hecklers wearing “Bill Clinton Rapist” t-shirt and screaming for the arrest of Secretary Clinton.

The President didn’t miss a beat, however, and shut them down in the way that only he can. “Is somebody hollering again?” Obama asked. “You know what? Here’s the deal. Try to get your own rally. You gotta get your own rally. See, if you can’t get your own rally, don’t come mess up somebody else’s rally.

This is the great thing about politics in America, folks will just do all kinds of stuff. It takes all kinds. Those are folks who were auditioning for a reality show. I heard some booing. Don’t boo – vote. It doesn’t really matter if some man runs across here and gets his 5 minutes of fame. What matters is who votes.”

He’s absolutely right. Between rabid conspiracy theorist Alex Jones – who has said that Hillary and Obama are literal demons – and Republican nominee Donald Trump’s tapes in which he casually discusses sexually assaulting women, the discourse of the Republican Party has crossed into a full-blown reality television show.

Watch it here:

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