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Trump Fans Now Want To Ban Women From Voting So He’ll Win

Trump Fans Now Want To Ban Women From Voting So He’ll Win

Forget the divide within the GOP and the nation as a whole; Trump’s candidacy is causing a full-blown gender war. Prompted by a map created on website FiveThirtyEight, which showed that Trump would be the next president if only men voted; supporters are calling for a repeal of the 19th amendment using the hastag #RepealThe19th on Twitter. That’s right—Trump’s ignorant, sexist followers—some women among them (though I don’t believe they are serious) are asking for a repeal of women’s right to vote. It is not even worth mentioning how hard women fought for the right to vote, enduring hunger strikes and imprisonment. Trump fans would like to set women back to pre-1920, as though the last hundred years have been a mistake—let’s Make America Great Again—because for these people I guess it was great when women had no rights.

The attacks on women throughout this campaign have been vile. From the comments, blatant disrespect, accusations of assault or behaving like a peeping tom—and the seemingly endless justification for each event—encouraging the repeal of the 19th seems like the logical next step in this campaign. Obviously, this is how the men who support Trump see women. They see women as nothing besides sexual objects or housewives, who should not have equal rights; after all, to them women are not equal. I wonder if this would have been brought as conspicuously to the surface if Trump’s opponent were not a woman. Is this how they’ve been feeling all along? It certainly seems that way, as again, the message Make America Great Again resonated so deeply with this particular demographic.

Let’s turn now to Eric Trump, who actually shared the all red man map as proof of his father’s momentum in a campaign fundraiser. This proves the cluelessness and disregard for women—Trump’s own camp is adopting this definitively sexist logic and using it to try and spin a spiralling campaign.

What Eric, Donald and the rest of Trump’s women hating, loathsome voters will have to deal with on November 8th –and what will really get them–is that they lost to a girl. The map is not going to be red on election day.  Women are a part of this country, with rights, and no man is going to take that away. You can talk all you want on Twitter, but you will hear us at the polls.

Christine Branch
Christine is an avid supporter of progressive politics. She is currently getting her Masters degree after concentrating in Gender Studies as an undergrad.

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