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Trump Fans Are Tweeting #NextFakeTrumpVictim To Shame His Accusers

Trump Fans Are Tweeting #NextFakeTrumpVictim To Shame His Accusers

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Spurred by a conservative MSNBC host’s victim-blaming logic, Trump loyalists have begun an online intimidation campaign using the hashtag #NextFakeTrumpVictim, seeking to chill the ever growing list of women stepping forward to courageously tell their tales of the Republican nominee’s sexual assaults. Five women stepped forward yesterday alone and high powered sexual harassment lawyer Gloria Allred says that her office is quite busy, but wouldn’t say how many complaints that they’ve collected to date.

Shamefully, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough handed the sexist Trump loving hordes this idiotic moment on his program this morning saying this, “There have been a thousand of these reports already — I’m just asking why all of a sudden this stuff is blowing up in October,” in a video tweet since deleted from the network’s account.

Just like Scarborough is afraid to leave this tweet up and be savaged by every member of the media with a healthy level of respect for women, women themselves are afraid of being sued by Donald Trump for telling their stories. We found MSNBC’s deleted tweet the Google Cache using its URL, although the video doesn’t play anymore:


Joe Scarborough plainly just forgot, that the real October Surprise is a recent audio recording proving that Donald Trump believes his fame and fortune has placed him above the law when he places those tiny little hands without permission all over women for decades. Of course women are coming forward now, since they can no longer be sued for libel as the New York Times ably pointed out today. It is Morning Joe’s “Aleppo moment.”

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Here’s some of the trolls that MSNBC’s Scarborough enabled:

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None of the stunning revelations of abusing his pageant contestants’ privacy, admitting to sexual assault, being accused by multiple women of specific offenses is deterring Donald Trump’s biggest fans from earning their “deplorables” badges, by slut shaming the victims. Even the Kremlin has gotten into the act with this bizarre video from one of Putin’s paid shills.

Trumpers are tweeting every form of denial, fever dream, fiction and outright conspiracy theory known to man on the #NextFakeTrumpVictim hashtag, because they think that an admitted sex predator should be in the White House.

The greatest fear of sexual assault victims, is being disbelieved and publicly vilified for blowing the whistle on lecherous men who violate them. Here’s a tweet shaming one of the accusers for writing a 50 Shades of Gray fan fiction – which incidentally is a novel about a wealthy male billionaire making a contract with the woman before touching her.

Trump loyalists on twitter want nothing more than to make that happen, while simultaneously pushing the long self-discredited women accusing someone who isn’t even running for office.

However, 28% of women still tell polls that they’re voting for the Republican nominee, so until that number drops to zero, there’s no reason for the Trump Trains troll army to slow down.

It’s gross to watch.


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