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Video Just Surfaced Of Trump Defending Rapist Teachers

Video Just Surfaced Of Trump Defending Rapist Teachers

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New video just surfaced of Republican nominee Donald Trump giving an interview to entertainment TV program “EXTRA” in 2012 in which he excused and defended female teachers who rape underage students. Even EXTRA’s interviewer was shocked by the reality TV star’s casual, yet firm dismissal of what are plainly sex crimes (video below):

TRUMP: “Well, I don’t think the male students have been hurt by it. In fact, they’re going around bragging about it as I understand it.”

EXTRA: “Wow!”

TRUMP: “I don’t see a lot of damage done. But it’s a very unusual situation. I would say her husband cannot be happy.”

Donald Trump has been married three times and cheated on all of his wives — and the worst thing he could say about statutory rape is that it would be only bad if the women were cheating on their husbands. It’s a damning revelation of the mentality of the Republican presidential hopeful: it’s ok to rape.

“From the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks,” said Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine at last week’s debate.

After the Trump Tapes were revealed this week, ten more women have stepped forward with sexual assault allegations or impropriety at the pageants he owned.

Now, the Republican nominee’s past statements about women are being given extra scrutiny — and with scary results.

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It’s starting to become apparent that Donald Trump left a trail of verbal clues about his serial sexual assaults, just like comedian Bill Cosby did in many of his voluminous recordings. Cosby’s recordings were ignored until someone found him admitting to spiking the bar-b-cue sauce in the creepiest ever joke told on a network television sitcom.

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Donald Trump – like the famously conservative Bill Cosby – has set in motion events that are sure to seal his downfall, revealing a lifetime of abusing women.

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