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On The Apprentice, Trump Called Khloe Kardashian A “Fat Piglet,” “Why Did We Get The Ugly One?”

On The Apprentice, Trump Called Khloe Kardashian A “Fat Piglet,” “Why Did We Get The Ugly One?”

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Oh no, he didn’t. It just came out that Trump called Khloe Kardashian—America’s most relatable and favorite Kardashian— a “fat piglet.” The callousness and the cruelty did not stop there. Trump reportedly whined to producers, “What is this? We can’t even get the hot one?” and perhaps the saltiest question, especially for Khloe (who has been pretty open about her struggles with weight in the past) “Why did we get the ugly Kardashian?’”

Several sources have confirmed that Trump invented a reason to fire Khloe because he did not find her attractive. This is the pervasively sexist world of Donald Trump. He does not want women around him who he would rather not molest.

As far as Khloe is concerned, it seems the feeling was mutual. She spoke about her experience with Trump this summer, telling Chelsea Handler, “I didn’t care to do Celebrity Apprentice,” she continued, “It wasn’t for me. But my mom made me do it, so I did it and I hated every minute of it.”

Trump’s attack of the family and women in general did not end with Khloe. He decided that more comments on the body of pregnant Kim Kardashian were warranted, saying, “She’s gotten a little bit large,” while carrying daughter North West. “I would say this, I don’t think you should dress like you weigh 120 pounds.” He’s been known for fat-shaming his own wife.

Trump’s obsession with women’s bodies is well beyond what is ever appropriate, from anyone, but especially from a man. Trump does not have the right to judge every woman according to his impossible standards, none of which he has set for himself. This is something that all men should be made aware of–women can not be judged solely lust-objects and nothing more. This type of behavior will no longer go rewarded.

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His fat shaming and sexist comments are disgusting and have been constant throughout his entire campaign. From accusing Megyn Kelly from bleeding out of her “wherever,” to claiming “deeply troubled” women are “always the best in bed” – there has never been a man, more tone deaf to what women are actually experiencing, to think he is worthy of representing the women of this nation.

It should be enough to motivate every American woman (and man) to vote against him—voting instead for a woman, on November 8th.

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Remember Ladies, do not put yourself anywhere near Trump if you are:

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  • Potentially overweight
  • Arguably (though not likely) unattractive
  • Pregnant
  • Deeply troubled
  • Menstrating
  • A woman


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