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Employees Just Revealed Trump Called Deaf “Apprentice” Star “Retarded”

Employees Just Revealed Trump Called Deaf “Apprentice” Star “Retarded”

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Donald Trump’s off-camera behavior while hosting NBC’s “The Apprentice” are generating new scrutiny. Anonymous members of the cast and crew revealed today, that the Republican nominee frequently called Academy Award winning actress, Marley Matlin “retarded” on the set, because she has a hearing disability.

Matlin remains the only deaf actor to win the profession’s highest award and finished 2nd on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice show that season, and earning critical praise for her performance.

The Daily Beast communicated with multiple people behind the scenes who described the Rebublican nominee’s disgraceful behavior as ‘similar to how he made fun of’ disabled reporter Serge Kowalski last year and an anonymous cast member for five years said:

In the boardroom, he would talk to her like she was ‘special,’” the source said. “He took her deafness as a some kind of [mental] handicap.” The staffer recalls sitting in the control room during the shoot for one episode and being taken aback hearing Trump make an “insensitive” comment about Matlin’s deafness to the actress while she was seated across the boardroom table.

She responded [to him], she stood up for herself,” the source said. (This exchange was not included in the final cut of the episode.) “But people would just laugh this [stuff] off—it was just the culture of [the show],” the staff member said. “But now it’s a little more serious because it’s not a joke anymore!”

“He would kind of do these mock voices,” a source said, who witnessed and heard one incident. “[Matlin] was a popular person on the show. I think he would take the low road and mock her disability.”

The reality tv program contracted away cast and crew’s free speech rights – as Trump often does to buy silence – and so their anonymously delivered revelations have been slow to arrive.

It wasn’t a single incident either.

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While the entire situation demonstrates the brazen disregard Donald Trump has inside the “boardroom” or for people’s life situations in general? Nothing else highlights how little, if at all he cared that Matlin might find out that he was secretly obsessing throughout the shoot, over her physical disability. So Trump expressed his obsession in the one way she was most likely to find out about it, in writing, while they on the set working:

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During the taping of the show, Trump would often scribble down notes while sitting at the table of “the boardroom”—the show’s primary set. A person familiar with the notes who helped clean up after tapings said that on one of the pieces of paper, Trump wrote: “Marlee, is she retarded??”

Matlin refused comment in these breaking reports, and has tweeted her support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in this year’s election.

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It would appear that Trump’s insults of Matlin were because he had a crush on her; like a child on the playground, he’d insult her while later hitting on her, according to PEOPLE magazine. 

Meanwhile, the producer of NBC’s The Apprentice inexplicably refuses to provide he numerous, and complete behind the scenes footage depicting Donald Trump’s outrageous behavior, while the Republican candidate’s campaign of racism and self-destruction lurches pointlessly through the final weeks of a his doomed presidential campaign.

Hopefully producers share the rest of their Trump Tapes soon, because American voters need to know more about the racist demagogue that Republicans nominated for President this year before polls close, so they never ever choose another scoundrel like him ever again.

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