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New Witness: I Asked Trump For A Job, And What He Did Next Shocked & Disgusted Me (VIDEO)

New Witness: I Asked Trump For A Job, And What He Did Next Shocked & Disgusted Me (VIDEO)

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A tenth woman has come forward to describe her sexual assault at the hands of Republican nominee Donald Trump. In a tearful interview, former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos described how Trump invited her to discuss a possible job opportunity with the Trump Organization and began kissing her in the interview. After discussing with her family members, who assured her it was just “the way he greets people,” she met Mr. Trump “for lunch” in Los Angeles.

Trump instead brought her to a bungalow, where he began grabbing her breasts, kissing her, and “thrusting with his genitals.” She rejected his advances and while she was offered a job, she was offered only half the salary they had agreed to, and said she believed Trump penalized her for refusing to sleep with him.

She spoke about how she had looked up to Donald Trump and idolized him as a successful business man, and was extremely hurt when she realized he only saw her as a sex object. When asked why she was coming forward now, she recounted how she realized that she wasn’t alone and how her conscience demanded she speak out, and in a heartbreaking admission, said “because I want to be able to sleep at night when I’m 70.”

Iconic women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing Zervos, says she will not be filing charges but stated that “many” more women have contacted her. It’s clear at this point that Donald Trump is a serial sexual predator who has no respect for women and should never be allowed anywhere near the White House, though he is an appropriate representation of the misogyny that runs through the heart of the Republican Party.

Watch her statement here:

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Here is the list of women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

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Lisa Boyne – saw Trump sticking his head up the skirts of models

Mindy McGillivray – groped at Mar-el-Lago

Jill Harth – groped, attempted rape at Mar-el-Lago

Ivana Trump – marital rape

Cassandra Searles – groped, Miss USA pageant

Temple Taggert – unwanted advances, Miss USA pageant

Jessica Leeds – groped, attempted rape, on an airline

Jane Doe – rape, Epstein sex party

Natasha Stoynoff – grope, attempted rape, Mar-el-Lago

Kristen Anderson – groped, Manhattan Party

Rachel Crooks – unwanted advances outside an elevator, Trump Towers


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