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Trump Produced This Sexist Reality Show He Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Trump Produced This Sexist Reality Show He Doesn’t Want You To Know About

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In this election’s first presidential debate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton baited her Republican opponent into a misogynist rampage, just by mentioning the degrading things he’s said to women in public over the years. How might this week’s enraged Donald Trump react, trying to explain the brutal descriptions of the women who starred in his sexist MTV reality television show about a “finishing school” named, The Girls of Hedsor Hall?** All that remains online today, is a short YouTube videos of Trump’s tv company exploiting twenty-something aged women, video of the launch press conference, which you can see below.

Read Trump Productions’ description of the reality TV participants below once, and you’ll instantly know why MTV took the show’s offline and the Republican nominee’s website won’t even refer to it by name on his web page:

“The Girls of Hedsor Hall — self-described “nymphomaniac” Brianna, heavy drinker Samantha, bad-tempered Margie, high school-dropout Jenna, gutter-mouthed Lillian, wild child Amanda, party girl Kim, snobby bitch Jen M, foul-mouthed Maddy, booty-baring punkette Hillary, bar brawling Paola, and Jennifer, the self-proclaimed “Blackout Queen of North Carolina” — will have a chance to smooth their rough edges and reform the behavior that’s made them notorious.”

MTV has yanked all of the episodes from their website and streaming service, luckily someone saved many pages of the show’s original web site on**, or we would know nothing at all about it.

It seems pretty obvious why Trump and the MTV network have kept their mouths shut during this election about the sexist show’s existence, which is little more than a Wikipedia page with broken links today. He told the New York Post that he would “troll the clubs” to find women for his show. At one point he wanted to call it “Lady or Tramp?” and air the disastrous program on the Fox Network.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has struggled throughout the campaign to explain his inexcusably degrading treatment of women. His campaign imploded entirely is weekend after a newly revealed 2005 Access Hollywood audio recording caught him reveling in adultery and sexual assault, leading Trump to issue the worst apology ever.

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Three years after that bombshell audio recording, then-CEO and Producer Donald Trump ran Trump Productions, LLC, where he produced an embarrassingly sexist reality TV show, named The Girls of Hedsor Hall with MTV in 2009 about an extreme “girls finishing school.” Since the reality TV show originally aired, most of The Girls of Hedsor Hall’s online presence** has been erased from the internet by both the MTV network and Trump’s production company.

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Trump’s embarrassing MTV/Trump program seems to have revolved around Trump’s hyped up “extreme measures” to demean his show’s “bad girls” as a method of “changing them” for the better. Apparently, “extreme” is one of Trump’s buzzwords, just like his “extreme vetting” idea to discriminate against Muslim-Americans. In this instance, the Republican recycled his failed reality tv idea to finish girls, right into his failed reality tv political campaign, and with similarly disastrous results.

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As television programming goes, it was little more than a television program about slut-shaming featuring the frequent degradation of the 12 unlucky contestants on camera, one of whom gave an exclusive interview about her harrowing experience on the set. The Republican nominee’s television production staff didn’t hesitate to openly degrade participating women on their website or on camera either, because the lengthy contractual agreement to participate required those women to legally waive their rights to sue for libel, slander or their portrayal.

In fact, Trump’s show promoted its stinging instructors as a special feature of the reality show:

In each episode, The Girls of Hedsor Hall will be taught an important lesson — from how to make a good first impression and always look their best to how to maintain a positive attitude and maintain composure in the face of conflict. These humbling exercises will come with harsh critiques from their mentors, as well as the possibility of elimination based on their performance.

Think about the real meaning of this bit of Trump-speak for a moment: “humbling exercises will come with harsh critiques.” The Republican nominee’s brilliant television production revolved around judging women, and humbling them with harsh words, presumably to produce a handsome profit for The Donald.

The Republican nominee licensed his show’s concept and working title from the UK program “Ladette to Lady,” which is how its referred to on Trump’s website today, and curiously not by its name on MTV or its IMDB title. He only took credit for Executive Producing two episodes on IMDB, and one can imagine how bad the show had to be for The Donald Trump to pass up credit for anything!

The program was hosted by controversial former Miss USA Tara Conner, whose public treatment in Trump’s pageant business gave birth to the Republican nominee’s never-ending feud with Rosie O’Donnell, starting back in 2006.

Trump is incapable of letting any insult go un-rebuked, and spontaneously destructed in the first debate by renewing his war of words with the former daytime TV star Rosie. Speaking of Trump’s horrid stewardship of the once proud Miss USA contest, just this weekend, a new audio recording emerged with Trump bragging on the Howard Stern Show about peeping on his pageant contestants naked backstage emerged.

His MTV reality show featured a schoolmarm, scolding the women on camera in a house named Hedsor outside London, England that’s also also featured in Downton Abbey. Cast members said it was a hostile production environment from the moment participants landed, where producers confiscated their passports and used coercive tactics to set the women on edge.

There’s still press conference photos on Getty images of Donald Trump and the host Conner. Trump press releases with MTV have since vanished from their starting points on the net already, but can still be still found on a few remote entertainment websites, and say that:

America’s Rowdiest Girls Will Be Sent to Prim-And-Proper England for a Complete Transformation in MTV’s ‘The Girls of Hedsor Hall.’

What will it take to turn a rowdy, mischievous girl into a true lady? From Executive Producer Donald J. Trump and Trump Productions LLC along with RDF USA, The Girls of Hedsor Hall takes extreme measures.

Nobody knew how extreme the measures Trump Productions would use, and according to former cast member Jen Marden, the tactics were similar to that described in the Trump Models lawsuit:

“It was really bad.. Trump & MTV produced the show. It was filmed in London & in our contract it said any participant can leave whenever they want so when I got assaulted & asked to leave the show the producers told me leaving will be kinda hard considering we have your passport!! Legally speaking, I’m pretty sure you can[’t] take someone’s passport unless you are law enforcement not sure if the term is entrapment or kidnapping.. And that was just the beginning.”

Mercifully, Trump’s crazy cross between Jersey Shore-style drama and an English finishing school came to an end after only eight episodes, when it got cancelled. Ironically, the Republican nominee was kicking the Trump University scam into high gear at the same time that this fake “school” was bombing on television.

Republicans just accepted Trump’s business prowess based on little more than his public relations claims alone. Digging even slightly deeper, reveals that the boorish candidate’s sexism was apparent this whole time, even if Trump did do a fine job of hiding it in plain sight, with a lot of help from the MTV Network.

Even though it appears that the Republican’s campaign for President has crossed the threshold from awful to nearly lost, there’s still an election coming, and it behooves all voters to learn exactly what kind of sexist reality TV show Donald Trump produced.

Donald Trump should release the tapes of The Girls at Hedsor Hall immediately. Then release his missing tax returns, because as CNN showed, there are still undecided voters out there learning about the Republican party’s worst candidate in American history and the only qualified candidate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

** Research for this story came from the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” which is a neutral, third party source that saves web pages, and is admissible as evidence even in a federal court.

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