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An Investigation Just Found Trump Has Hundreds Of Businesses In Russia

An Investigation Just Found Trump Has Hundreds Of Businesses In Russia

Republican nominee Donald Trump continues to insist that he has absolutely no business ties to the Russian Federation, given that the Kremlin is actively working behind the scenes to support his flailing campaign. But new evidence unearthed by Democratic Coalition Against Trump has found 249 Trump-linked companies in Russian government paperwork.

“The reason they blame Russia is they are trying to tarnish me with Russia. I know about Russia, but not about the inner workings. I have no business there and no loans from Russia. I have a great balance sheet” said Trump recently. But a search through Russian tax records reveals a great many Trump-linked companies – or at least ones that use his name brand. The companies are located all across Russia but are primarily located in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


See the full list of documents (Cyrillic) here: 1077764325803_996516254572959

See an English translation of the documents here.

The exact contents of the documents are difficult to ascertain as of yet, as they are in Cyrillic, but Trump’s name – ТРАМП – is all over them. Blogger @Mortis_Banned warns that many of the companies do not list Donald Trump as its founder and many of them were terminated several years ago – but the questions remain. Given Donald Trump’s rampant disregard for financial rules here in the United States and given the utter absence of enforcement of such types of rules in the notoriously corrupt Russian Federation, it wouldn’t be surprising for Trump to have cloaked his involvement in Russian business one way or another.

Even if they aren’t linked to Trump at the end of the day, why are Russians setting up what look like offshore tax accounts using his name in tens of different cities across Russia?

An ABC News investigation has found that Donald Trump has “numerous ties” to Russian interests both here in the United States and in Russia. “The level of business amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars — what he received as a result of interaction with Russian businessmen. They were happy to invest with him, and they were happy to work with Donald Trump. And they were happy to associate—[and] be associated with Donald Trump” says Sergei Millian, who heads a U.S.-Russia business group.

These business dealings obviously present a great conflict of interest between the personal finances of a potential President and the foreign policy of our nation, which seeks to curtail the disruptive and corrupting influences of the Russian oligarchs and put a check on Russian territorial aggression in Eastern Europe. Would President Trump be able to put his personal profits aside? If this election has taught us anything at all, it’s that Trump cares about nothing but himself. We cannot allow him and his Russian cronies to take their corruption to the White House.

Colin Taylor
Opinion columnist and former editor-in-chief of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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