Melania Said Billy Bush ‘Egged On’ Trump. George Takei’s Response Is Brilliant

Melania Trump needed ten days to break her personal silence about the Trump Tapes, which she did last night in an interview with CNN‘s Anderson Cooper. The Republican nominee’s wife did her best at mimicking everything Hillary Clinton said in the late 1990s, before dropping this whopper of an excuse: Billy Bush ‘egged on’ her husband Donald Trump to ‘say dirty and bad stuff.’

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has long wondered what would happen if America elected a President who could be baited with a tweet. George Takei took the liberty of brilliantly filling in that blank with an even scarier thought:

We already know that Trump said on video here, that he’s got a relationship with Putin, but is lying about it in the election.

Melania Trump also introduced a new Republican term of art that means sexual assault: “boy talk.” The sad implications of which did not escape Anderson Cooper who immediately replied: “He was 59.”

Melania replied, “Correct.”

She then proceeded to compare the Republican party’s standard bearer, their challenger for the highest office in the land, and leader of the free world, to their 10-year-old son Barron.

“I have two boys at home,” said Melania Trump, “I have my young son and I have my husband.”

“Don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t feel sorry for me,” the former model said about her husband failing Republican campaign, his admitted infidelity and serial sexual assaults, “I can handle everything.”

Grant Stern

Grant Stern is an Editor-At-Large and Podcast host for OccupyDemocrats. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.