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Fact Check: Hillary Is Right, Trump Claimed Emmys Were Rigged When He Lost

Fact Check: Hillary Is Right, Trump Claimed Emmys Were Rigged When He Lost

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Hillary Clinton just destroyed her Republican opponent for crying that anything he loses is rigged. Trump complained that the Iowa Republican primary was rigged because he lost (true). Hillary said that Trump claimed that the 2013 Emmy Awards were rigged. It led to one of Trump’s few true fact check moments, admitting that he thinks that even the Emmy’s are rigged against him.

Surely, the Clinton campaign is already cuing up the campaign commercial, because they let loose a realtime fact check on twitter (see below) with Trump’s petty kvetching about losing the television award. It is pretty obvious that Secretary Clinton is a reader of Bloomberg News who noted just yesterday that:

When Trump hit a rough patch in the Republican primary in April, he said the rules were rigged against him and labeled the process a “scam” perpetrated by party bosses.

When he sank in the polls after the July conventions, he fretted the Nov. 8 election would be fixed: “I’m afraid the election’s gonna be rigged, I have to be honest.”

Donald Trump rose to national prominence for real estate before tumbling to national shame as a bankrupt businessman. Reality TV genius Mark Burnett resurrected Trump’s public persona with The Apprentice, but the sad truth is that The Donald’s true life persona is more fit for The Biggest Loser.

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