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Legendary Reporter Carl Bernstein: “Dangerous” Trump Will Lead Neo-Fascist Movement For Years

Legendary Reporter Carl Bernstein: “Dangerous” Trump Will Lead Neo-Fascist Movement For Years

“It’s a dangerous thing,” said legendary Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein to CNN, in a video embedded below, “We are in a dangerous place.” Bernstein is one of America’s journalistic icons, because he uncovered a wide conspiracy to commit political crimes inside the White House, which included numerous explosive audio recordings which ultimately brought down Republican President Richard Nixon’s administration.

If he is that worried about current Republican nominee Donald Trump, then we should all be deeply worried about his concerns over the GOP’s conversion to a platform seeking to revive government fascism. Bernstein fears a massive neo-fascist splinter party rising from the ashes of Trump’s campaign of grievance is being formed, and after converting Breitbart into his personal propaganda wing.

“Trump is setting himself up as the head of… a real neo-fascist movement and media empire, with the people from Breitbart. His businesses are going into the tank as a result of where he has come out during this election, and there’s talks going on, we know that, about a media empire.”

“Is there going to be remnants of a neo-fascist movement that he leads in this country after the election?”

America should be concerned, because as Carl Bernstein noted, Donald Trump’s public disavowal of our national election system isn’t as much a realistic concern as it represents a step towards a birther-style never-ending grievance campaign by the Republican candidate. Thus far, his party has mind-blowing continued to support Trump openly going into this year’s general election, although at least former RNC Chair Michael Steele just called his remarks disqualifying, after this week’s debate.

Bernstein’s intrepid reporting in the early 1970s led to the first ever resignation of a President, after his burglars were caught breaking into Democratic National Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel, looking for secret information to help the Republican Nixon gain an advantage. Does this remind you of anything? (hint: Wikileaks). Back then, Republican President Richard Nixon’s thieves and his team of burglars broke into Democratic National Committee headquarters and stole key information to gain an electoral advantage in 1972.

Bernstein’s intrepid reporting with Bob Woodward at the Washington Post famously “followed the money” along with inside information from his secret source inside the FBI. Much of Nixon’s White House suffered criminal convictions after Watergate, including whistleblower John Dean, then a young White House counsel. Nixon was then controversially pardoned by his hand picked successor after resignation, by Vice President Gerald Ford, to become a pariah in American politics until late in his life.

Ironically, the man who founded Breitbart foresaw a celebrity presidential campaign, but never imagined his own organization that used to conduct some actual journalism, would become the literal mouthpiece of a celebrity campaign. Former Breitbart CEO Steven Bannon jumped into the Trump campaign in August, as the man writing Trump’s scripted lies on the teleprompter.

Let us hope that we navigate this “dangerous place” effectively, because Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is looking more likely to become America’s first female President next year.

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If Bernstein is right, before then we may be in for the launch of a propaganda machine to place Donald Trump into the head of a neo-fascist political machine sometime between election day and his federal racketeering trial for the national Trump University scam.

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