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Trump Says He Won The Last Debate. Hillary’s Response Is Hilarious

Trump Says He Won The Last Debate. Hillary’s Response Is Hilarious

A judge has imposed nearly $1 million in sanctions on a vengeful Donald Trump for abusing the court system to lash out at his 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton took a snarky shot at Republican nominee Donald Trump today on Twitter, mocking him for relying on completely unscientific and easily manipulated online polls to declare himself the winner of this week’s debate. She also poked fun at him for his crash-and-burn performance at last night’s Al Smith dinner, during which he turned what should be light-hearted jabs at a charity dinner into an offensive attack on Hillary, for which he was resoundingly booed.


Speaking of polls, Trump even lost the Breitbart online poll of debate winners. It just goes to show how hard Donald Trump fights to define his own reality and the stubbornness of his refusal to accept the truth of things like quantifiable statistics or that fact that he’s going to lose this election in a landslide.

And here’s another piece of amusing poll-related hilarity, courtesy of Twitter:


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